Welcome to our "Bostadsrättsförening" Kampementparken, in the heart and soul of Stockholm. Gärdet is a national park in the centre of the capital of Sweden. Gärdet is both part of the city life of Östermalm, as well as the park of Djurgården.

A common question from foreign guests is what a bostadsrättsförening (or BRF) is all about. The short answer is that the BRF model is the most common ownership model for apartments in Sweden. You will notice that if you plan to borrow money to finance your apartment, the BRF-model is the only model that is generally accepted by all banks in Sweden. 

We would like to apologize to our English speaking guests for presenting our homepage in Swedish, but do not despair. If you use a modern browser like Google Chrome all texts will be translated, quite decently, automatically if you choose to activate the translation feature. If not use the following link to copy/paste the sections that you want translated:


As a member of our BRF, you will get login credentials to get full access of this site. As a logged in member you will be able to access all sort of information important to you as a member. Read more here.